Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Springtime, Surgery, and Rock Show!

The sun has finally come out in Montreal, and with temperatures back above freezing it has been nice taking Callie out for little walks! Callie and I don't go very far, because the poor girl's hopping starts immediately, but I can tell we are both enjoying the bright, fresh air. This is a picture from last summer, when Callie was playing (most exuberantly) in the park with David. I think it's what we are all looking forward to!!

Also, we have finally booked Callie's surgery. She is scheduled to go in before 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 7th - just over a week from now! We will drop her off with the vet, who will then sedate her so he can take some really detailed (and probably uncomfortable) x-rays. The surgery process will start right after that, and once they have started cutting we will finally know just how severe her condition is. If it's what we hope, the surgery should only take a couple of hours and cost us the $1500 or so we've been planning for. If it looks worse, they will give us a call to get the go-ahead before proceeding with the (longer, more complicated) surgery. Then Callie will stay at the hospital for around 48 hours of observation, and if she does well we can pick her up on Saturday.

I have to confess some conflicting emotions. Naturally I am terrified at the thought of someone cutting up my little lady, but thankfully I have a lot of confidence in the vet and I know it's a relatively common procedure. A part of me is also relieved - her hopping has gotten worse and worse, and I am positive it causes her some real discomfort sometimes (even though she tries not to show it). The sooner we get her operated upon, the sooner she will be back to her jumping, bouncing, streaking-furry-bullet self! And hopefully we will have her all healed up (or pretty close anyway) in time for the real summer weather around here.

Still, I know this will be tough for all of us. The last time Callie had an injury it was right after the WORST haircut of her life (my bad), and somehow she got a cut on her neck while we were out of the apartment. She was ok, but just LOOK how heartbreaking this little dog can be when she's injured!

With the surgery so close, it means our rock show really is our last significant push to raise some funds before the operation. So in case I haven't blogged, emailed, posted on facebook, put up posters, or shouted often or loudly enough about it...

Callie's benefit rock show is TOMORROW night! That's right everyone - we are only one day away from the most outstanding benefit-to-save-a-dog's-leg-plus-great-music-plus-amazing-pet-portrait-prize-rock-show that Montreal has ever seen! Yes it's a weeknight, but Thursday is pretty close to the weekend, right? I'd call it "weekend-ish." Come hear some music, chat with cool people, and have a drink or two. If you can possibly come out, we would love to see you there! Here's what you need to know, one more time:

Rockin' so Callie be Walkin!

When: Thursday, March 31st, 2011
Starting at 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.

Where: Cabaret Playhouse
5656 Av. du Parc
Montreal, QC H2V 4H1

Who: Ghost Before Breakfast
& The Easy Offs

Bring: $5 at the door

Bonus: All guests will be entered to win a pet photography package from Éphant Mauve, valued at $350! 

I would like to take a moment to again thank all the people who have generously sent in their support for Callie and the surgery. I have been surprised and pleased by how many people have emailed or come up to me to say they can't make it to the show, but still want to pay the cover charge and support the cause. Guys and gals, it means a lot!!!

I will be taking some pictures tomorrow night and will try to post some on here soon after, so everyone who can't make it can still get a sense of the fun. Until then, here's something cute.


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