Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Update

It is hard to believe that I started this blog six months ago to try and raise awareness (and funds) for Callie. I have to admit that I haven't accomplished quite as much as I'd hoped in terms of raising funds for the pup; it turns out that planning events takes a lot of time and energy, and then ENACTING those events takes even more! But the good news is that the efforts I HAVE made are paying off!

We have raised a lot of the money for the surgery, meaning that it's time to bite the bullet and actually schedule Callie's appointment with Dr. Planté. When we met him for the consultation in November (see this post), he said that the sooner we could get her in, the better, because her condition is degenerative and her knee is failing fast. The longer we wait, the harder the repair process becomes. Thankfully, he said that we could call as late as a week or so before we are ready to bring Callie in, because he only needs short notice to set up the surgery.

In addition to making the surgery easier, bringing Callie in now means that she will have more time to heal before the summer. Since we will be traveling in June or July this year, we want to give her as long as we can to get better! As mentioned in my previous posts, because of the severity of her condition and the extensive nature of the surgery, she will require a minimum of two months to really regain the full use of her leg. I figure three months will be even better for her.

Since we aren't at 100% of our fundraising goal, I am continuing to look for extra income wherever I can. I still work a few hours a week (outside of my schoolwork and TA responsibilities), and that money is all going straight  to the Callie Fund. Also, I have a lead on a very exciting event possibility (involving people... and music...) which I very much hope will become a reality! Should we work out the details fast enough, it will give us one last opportunity to gather some major donations before we have to take Callie in for the surgery. Everybody cross your fingers for this one!

Finally, I thought I'd mention that I made a 2nd video featuring my little hopping dog! I wanted to show you just what her "hop" looks like in action. Since the clip is pretty short, I added in a few other short clips for your enjoyment. The quality is poor and the light is dim, but I hope you like it anyway!

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  1. We'll do everything we can to help you meet your goal! I hope the event works out!
    I LOVE the video! The music perfectly matches her antics! (: