Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day Home

Callie was born July 27, 2006 in Lavaca, Arkansas.  Daughter of a registered poodle (father, Curley Joe) and a registered pomeranian (mother, Sandy), Callie could have been a registered hybrid pomapoo if I had only sent in the form!  I visited Callie once when she was a very small puppy, and was given some photos to remember her by until I was able to take her home.  Here is Callie at approximately three weeks old:

On 9/22/2006 I picked up Callie from Green Acres Kennel - almost exactly four years ago!  She was nervous in the car, but quickly fell asleep on my lap; I think it took about 12 seconds to fall totally in love with this tiny dog.

When we got home she bounded exuberantly through the yard, sprinting, hopping and chewing in turns.  It probably took less than a day to start calling her our "little bear"; she was a tiny ball of fluff with something bearlike in her face and little black ears and claws.  At 16 weeks she weighed 2.03 lbs. and was extremely cuddly!

I've compiled a short video to give you an idea of our first (adorable) days with Callie.  For your enjoyment, here's The Little Hopping Dog's First Day Home!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yearly Check-Up

Today Callie and I took a trip to the vet for her yearly check-up and to get a few vaccinations.  Clinique Veterinaire Journet is right around the corner - literally a block and a half away.  Even though it's only mid-September it was quite breezy outside, and with the clouds it felt much cooler than 65 degrees.  I noticed that Callie's limp seemed more pronounced than usual as we made our way to the vet; she seemed to pick up her left foot and carry it every other step or so, effectively hopping down the sidewalk.  Callie is only four years old, but I have definitely noticed her symptoms worsening in the two years since we moved to Montreal.

Dr. Journet told me that Callie weighs 5.8 lbs., has excellent teeth, and is surprisingly well behaved when receiving shots!  (Today she didn't even squeak.)  She cried a little when he inspected her back legs, but she is really a darling girl and puts up with a lot.  I wasn't surprised when he asked me if she limped, but I was distressed when he pushed for an x-ray.  Sure enough, the film came back with some scary results.

The circles in the image are around Callie's kneecaps.  Ideally they should be centered on the bones, instead of sitting so far out to the side.  Also, those lower bones should be much straighter than they are!  Basically, this x-ray shows that both of Callie's knees are severely dislocated, and the vet said he couldn't even pop the left one back into place.  No wonder our "little bear" has been limping!

Here is a link to an article that I think explains the problem pretty well.  It's on a website for bichon frises, but I think it applies to pomapoos as well!

Patella Luxation

Dr. Journet has given us a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, and our next step will be a consultation with him.  A disorder like this has a few possible treatments, but all of them sound pretty intense.  I don't know when we will be able to take Callie for the consultation, but hopefully she will stay relatively comfortable in the meantime.  She has been sluggish all afternoon, but I'm sure she'll be her playful self again by morning!