Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rock Show Recap

I am happy to report that the rock show was a huge success!!! Both bands put on amazing shows, and we had just under 50 people who came in and donated the cover charge. Pretty impressive for a Thursday evening at the end of the school year! Because of all the people who showed up, plus everyone who donated through paypal, we have now raised enough money to be able to pay for Callie's surgery! (If everything goes as planned, anyway.) I was so impressed by the turnout at the show, and I want to thank Brian for his incredibly hard work, Ghost Before Breakfast and The Easy Offs for such fun music, Elephant Mauve for donating such a cool door prize, and ALL the people who contributed to our fundraising. It really exceeded my expectations, and I am just so pleased that everything went so well! I hope everyone who came out had as much fun as I did. (: Also, congrats to the Easy Off's drummer, who won the raffle for the Elephant Mauve photography package! He DID pay the cover fee to get in, and he was super excited by the prize! I think we all agreed it was nice to see the drummer win one for a change. (:

As I mentioned in my last post, Callie's surgery is this Thursday - less than two days away! We will take her to the DMV bright and early in the morning, since she has to be there before 8 a.m. If everything goes well, we should be able to pick her up on Saturday, and then we begin the healing process. I will of course keep everyone posted when I find out how the surgery goes, when I get her home, and as she starts to recover. Thank you for all your support and kind wishes!

And now, some photos from the show! You can see more pictures from the evening at the end of the album here.

Ghost Before Breakfast

Ghost Before Breakfast + Crowd

Brian, who did such an amazing job!

Dan & David enjoying the show!

My announcements (not singing)!

Me with Andrea from Elephant Mauve, choosing a prize winner

The drummer wins! (:

Crowded bar

The Easy Offs

The Easy Offs


  1. Impressive work, Shannon! Amazing. Now, all my best wishes for Callie...am sure everything will go well. Big hug!

  2. Congratulations! The pictures are fantastic and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful turnout! It's great to see people really get together to do something so kind. (:

  3. Yay for Callie, and hurray for the drummer to win the door prize!