Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to Raise some Funds!

Since the blog went up a couple of weeks ago I have gotten responses from friends and family concerned about little Callie and the cost of her surgery. Several people have given me some great ideas for fundraising activities, and I am excited to share what I've come up with so far! Please take a look at these and add your comments and suggestions here or on Facebook!

My friend Meg suggested that I get in touch with my university to see if I can put up a table somewhere and sell baked goods for a couple of dollars each. She and my friend Jen have already offered to donate goodies!  This seems likely to be the fastest and easiest event to put together. Plus, I could put up adorable posters everywhere - maybe something like this?



This one's almost the same as the last, except it involves buying samosas from a local restaurant and selling them!  Anybody have ideas for restaurants I can ask about this, or other food items I could try to sell?

For this I would probably need to find a large space with lots of fun stuff inside.  A rockin' Halloween party, a Guitar Hero party, etc.  Unfortunately... my apartment is quite small, a party like this could cost ME a lot, and I don't have enough TVs and game consoles to have lots of people playing games at once!  I'm still not sure if I can swing this one, but if anyone has tried something similar I would love to hear about it!

A friend said it might be possible for his band to throw a benefit show for my little pup!  I imagine this could be a real challenge to get together, but could potentially raise some solid funds for Callie's cause!

So I'm a photographer with experience and equipment.  There must be a way to use this!

A pitcher, some lemons+sugar+water, a few cups, and the cash should roll right in!  ...Right?  Okay, so maybe I'm not so serious about this one.  But I bet there's a way to get my neighbors to help somehow!

I think that's mostly what I've got so far.  If you can take a minute to give me some input, I would love to know:
a) which ideas do you think are strong and potential money-makers?
b) has anyone done things like this, and with any success?  I need help!
c) is anybody interested in contributing time, money, poster design, or goodies for one of these events?

I can't wait to hear from you all!  It's time to really get serious about the fundraising!  So far we have raised enough to get Callie in the door with the orthopedic surgeon, but not quite enough to pay for the cab trips and any tests or other costs that might pop up.  I took her out for a walk yesterday and the hops weren't as pronounced as some days, but she is definitely having trouble with that left kneecap.  Still, she seems happy enough when perched on her (newest) favorite sofa cushion...